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Important Notification for Registrants of de-accredited registrar MITSU Inc


Post Date: 1-Jan-2019

The attention of the .IN Registry has been brought to the various unfortunate events where even after the termination of the accreditation of MITSU Inc as the accredited .IN Accredited Registrar, the payments for renewals of domain names have been taken from bonafide genuine domain name registrants and the said amounts of money have been locked. The domain name holders are advised not to make any payments for renewals / any other domain name activities to MITSU Inc represented by Mr. Sanjeev Ramniwas Goyal as its accreditation as the .IN Accredited Registrar stands terminated with effect from 20/10/2017. Kindly note that the pursuant to the termination of accreditation of MITSU Inc as the .IN Accredited Registrar, it has no legal capacity of any kind whatsoever to engage in any renewal. The renewals can only be done by accredited .IN Registrars and not by any erstwhile .IN Accredited Registrar whose accreditation has been terminated. Without prejudice to the rights and contentions, Public is advised to take caution and not be misled by various wrong statements / misrepresentations made by any erstwhile .IN Accredited Registrar whose accreditation has been terminated, with regard to the registrations / renewals of domain names. The Registrants of domain names are further requested to kindly check the current status of registrars as duly accredited .IN Registrars under the .IN Registry. Members of the public dealing with any erstwhile .IN Accredited Registrar whose accreditation has

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